Chris Chaney

General Manager of Basketball Operations

"Chris is a terrific coach and was really rough on the kids. Wasn't afraid to coach them. Wasn't afraid to tell them no. Wasn't afraid to counsel them aggressively, which we loved when we watched."- John Calipari

 "I thought Jordan Hill(former Patterson player) improved more in one year than any other high school player I've seen."- Lute Olson Hall of Fame Coach 

"Chris Chaney is a veteran prep school giant who is revered as a program builder but we must point out that the guy can flat out game coach."- Carl Berman Net Scouts Basketball/Five-Star Basketball Camp


* Most Wins In American Basketball History- Has won more games (614) at his age than any coach
* NBA Players -Has coached 17 NBA draft picks
* Rare NBA Feat- Coached 3 out of the top 31 picks in the 2006 NBA Draft
* National Coach of the Year -Won several National Coach of the Year awards in 2003, 2005, and 2006
* Prep School National Championships- Coached National Champions in 2003, 2005, and 2006
* Ranked #1 in USA- Five teams coached by Chris were ranked #1 at the end of regular season
* International Championships- Won international tournaments for USA Select teams in Iceland (97), France (2007) and Italy (2011)
* Maryland State Championships – Won state championships in 1999, 2000, and 2001
* Best Team of All Time - Coached what many experts call the best pre-college team of all time, the 40-0 Laurinburg Institute team in 2005 which had 15 Division I players and 5 players that either got drafted or played in the NBA
* Clinics all over the world- Has done clinics in China, Iceland, Poland, Nigeria, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Italy and France


One of the top prep coaches in America – He has won several National Championships and many of Chris’s players are currently playing in the NBA and Division I College Basketball. Overseas Chris has run two camps in China. He will be responsible for management and preparing American coaches to participate in the China market.

Featured on TV -Was featured on ESPN in his first year coaching